Mustang Side
Mustang Front

Another throwback to some classic cars that made their way to a spin show back in 2013. Enjoy!
Along with the new luxury German SUV’s and muscles cars were a couple of classic cars. One of which i have seen before, belonging to my mechanic; the other was new to me. Actually puts a smile on my face to see more and more American muscle cars of decades past driving along the streets of the small African country that is our Zimbabwe.This was the first time i’ve seen a Mustang this colour, and i have to admit it’s slowly growing on me. What’s downright impressed me though is how this Left hand drive ’60’s machine looks like it’s just been driven right out of the dealership.

Mustang Interior

Granted the reflections on the glass don’t help much but look at that interior, completely stock in cream leather (something i secretly want for my own car but the fear of dirt just puts me off) that looks like its been vacuum sealed for freshness.

Mustang Rear

This is a car that’s very well taken care of, paint and chrome detailing all immaculate, from every angle.

Mustang Rim

All the way down to the period correct wheels

Mustang Left

There’s a time and place for bigger injector, aftermarket ECU’s, bigger turbos and carbon fibre this and that. But when you want to cruise lazily on a weekend in something timeless, you’d be hard pressed to find something better…


Or would you? this Chevy 150 has been seen before, though sporting different wheels and less chrome if i remember correctly.

Chevy Interior

Another take on a classic interior with little modern touches such as the front seats that replaced the bench seat seen 3 years ago, but still done to factory fresh standards. I’ll definitely have to get a better look at this car soon.

Chevy 150

Definitely not something you’d wanna throw around the track but really, when you have such good old school looks, wouldn’t want to drive slow and let everyone appreciate them?

Chevy Side

And plenty of room for family and friends to be piled in, with such a large nose, there’s undoubtedly something large to get all this metal from place to place.

That’s it for now, but i’m sure more classic cars will be popping up before you know it