Here’s a collection of photos from a custom car show that took place at Old Georgians Sports club,a couple of years ago. Rather than let them keep collecting dust on my hard drive, i thought i’d be a good idea to share. It’d be great to have more custom car shows especially with the success of the Zimbabwe Motor Show and the growing interest in the drag days.

Things not to do while at a car show, with people you’ve just met: While looking at this Hummer, my mechanic and Sean,( another one of his clients), asks me what i think of it. At this point i knew Sean had a Mitsubishi GTO and due to my aversion to SUV’s; particularly this type i went off into a long rant of it’s uselessness and lack of fuel economy etc. As i took the time to take a breath, Sean looks over at me and says, that’s actually my hummer. I look over at my mechanic, who now has the largest grin on his face, (having orchestrated the whole debacle)…i then proceed to surgically remove my foot from my mouth….

Enjoy the cars!