Winter is certainly settling in but this past weekend at Donnybrook was the perfect way to warm up a petrolhead. Terry Allberry managed a slightly faster time in the Rail car with a 10.42 besting his previous 10.47. We had a new apparition join the most competitve class in the form of Raoul’s “Casper” edging out “Ghost” for the number one spot in the TB class (which at this point may as well be called the Subaru class). The TE class had some very interesting competitors, proving that size and weight are only a problem if you don’t have the power to move it all. On the other side of the spectrum Denzil Green’s space frame car follows the mantra of the rail car: basically have the minimum parts necessary to keep the engine, transmission, seat and wheels together. I’m sure with some tweaking the times will drop, either way it certainly seems like a fun vehicle to drive. Prince Karasa’s Mistubishi Colt nicknamed “Animal” was interesting to watch and making the TA class a little more competitive slotting right in between the starlets of Kyle Da Silva and Bornwell Bonde respectively.

The top 10 times have been steadily falling and if some of the times witnessed this weekend are anything to go by, getting onto that list is only going to get tougher from here on out. Ronald Ajara’s BMW X6 now becomes the gatekeeper with a 12.525 at 180.75.  Enjoy the gallery from this weekend below and the results downloadable here.