Being in a landlocked country, we have no beaches and no dunes to my knowledge that need bashing. So a finding beach (or any other flavour of) buggy is a bit of a rarity. It’s usually a cute or funky little weekend toy, powered by a little puttering motor to enjoy the great Zimbabwean weather at a slow leisurely pace. This past weekend, though i found a monstrous little bug on a Sunday drive and had to get a closer look.

Those who are regulars at local drag events would have seen this 11second beast before. I’ve seen it crush opposition repeatedly without breaking a sweat but this was the first time i’ve gotten to see the monster beneath the cute exterior. This mid-engined, street legal 1/4 mile racer is powered by some serious American muscle. Just behind the Recaro bucket seats sits the Chevrolet V8. Air is sucked in via the exposed performance filter, and just for the extra bit of power sits a shiny blue bottle of NOS.

Make no mistake, this buggy isn’t built to be cute and funky. This bug is built to race. Interior is purposeful, from the roll cage, the aforementioned bucket seats & harnesses, shift light and gauges for the all the essentials. Fire extinguisher mandatory of course. Shift Light & lightweight aerodynamic mirrors.

The number plate of this bug exudes an air of confidence, and with a package like this why wouldn’t it? Hopefully i’ll have a chat soon with the Frankenstein who built the monster that is this drag star.