Everything we know about Sir Wicknell is big in every sense of the word, so it’s no surprise big bucks were spent and no expenses were spared on his 2022 Mercedes Benz S500. His fully specced version was purchased through Exquisite Cars Zimbabwe. What does this mean? It means it doesn’t hold back in any way. Get this, we are talking about a 3.0l inline 6-cylinder petrol engine with approximately 429 bhp of power with a mild hybrid drive system. The electric motor to helps the engine “cheat” where acceleration and top speed are concerned. Acceleration is 4.9 seconds from 0-100km/h, and a crazy (electronically limited) top speed of 250km/h.

Filled with Tech

The car boasts parking lights; hold on I know that’s not really new, but how they work is quite impressive. You can switch either the right or the left side front and rear park lights. Depending on which side of the road you’re parked on so oncoming traffic does not hit you (fingers crossed). This feature only works when the car ignition is off, so you don’t accidentally switch it on when you are driving.

Sit in the plush driver’s seat and not only do you have ventilated seats to either cool or warm up your back and toosh. You also have 3 massage modes from a calm to a more knead-y feeling back rub. The seats come with fully electronic adjustment and 3 memory buttons. You have a 15″ portrait-oriented centre screen gracing the middle of the dash.

A proximity key that unlocks the car doors when you approach the vehicle by popping out the flush-designed door handles. You can start the car and go without even taking it out of your pocket. Once inside, you are greeted by plush napa leather seats, Alcantara-covered roof-liner and pillars. Other interior trim options include either carbon fibre, wood grain or a black piano trim. If you had the pleasure of getting in the car during the night, then you will be welcomed into the cabin by a beautiful array of ambient lights with a total of approximately 6700 colours at your disposal.

Plush Interior

Your information cluster as the driver has two modes. The ordinary mode and the 3D mode which makes it look like it’s popping out. Sensors look at your eye positions and determine how to project the dials. A huge heads-up display so you don’t spend too much time looking away from where you are going. As for the 3D reverse camera? Wow is all I can say. The amount of detail it shows gives you enough confidence to not look outside while you are reverse or parallel park. With all the parking and distance sensors at your disposal doing their utmost best during that time or you can use the auto parking feature ( see here ).

Moving to the back seats we have all the seat features from the front and more. Remember, this is a car that’s for people that like to drive and be chauffeured; meaning you are as important at the front as you are in the back. In fact, you might just be more important in the back. You have access to screens which you can watch while you are being driven. A tablet that gives you access to all the car features like the tri-zone climate control, seat heating and windows. A VIP mode where the front passenger seat is completely folded forward, your rear seat reclines while your foot resets extend outwards so you really get into the boss mode. All this while you lay there you under the “panoramic” sunroof in all its glory.

Mercedes was not playing when they made this beast. It definitely rivals the likes of the BMW 7.60li and the Bentley Flying Spur. Here’s hoping we get to give you a more in-depth view of the car and its features live and direct.

What are your thoughts on the 2022 Mercedes Benz S500?

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