Full name Galandewagen, The G Wagon as it’s known in the ‘streets’ is a very peculiar SUV. It has had a long 43-year run and just like the Porsche 911, it too has gained criticisms for not changing enough in the looks department over the decades. Surprisingly however they still sell in droves all over the world. Why is that?

As I pondered this, more questions began piling up, so I decided to do something about it. And so I enlisted the help of ‘Uncle Google’ as I embarked on my quest to seek answers. This is what I found.

Why is the G Wagon so expensive?

On average, a brand new Mercedes G Wagon is $130,000 and that’s before shipping and duty. Many people on the world wide web have their own ideas as to why G Wagons are relatively expensive compared to other SUVs. The popular answers happen to be related to Brand Equity and Engineering. It is no secret that Mercedes cars are seen as luxury items when new or used. Certainly a car that mbingas will likely consider. What adds to the markup for the ‘G’ in particular is its impeccable offroad prowess, distinct styling and bulletproof build quality.

Why do they retain value so well?

Qualities that make G Wagons expensive to buy new are the same reasons why they are relatively expensive to buy on the used market. These vehicles boast impeccable features like 3 locking differentials and high-speed performance. Because they have hardly changed in styling over the years, one can buy a much older version and still look like a million bucks. That is the markup instilled on pretty much all used G Wagons from the modern era.

How and when did it transition from military and farm use to a luxury item

1990 was the year G Wagons began being offered with more features that are now common with those of today. This was the year one could buy one with wood trim, leather seats, cruise control and anti-lock brakes. From then on they have kept upping the anty by even offering Maybach versions for the uber-wealthy. The idea behind this transition was to appeal to a wider market, especially the USA market where there was and still is a greater population of the rich than in Europe.

Why do celebrities like and buy them?

Speaking of the rich, the G Wagon is of course a luxury car for showing off status and wealth. This goes hand in hand with those that fit in this category. From traditional celebrities to business people, to influencers (Youtubers, Tik Tokers, Only Fans-ers etc), most if not all have or had them. It’s all about image and less to do with its offroad capabilities. One might say it is a right of passage as one transitions from “doing okay” in life to “being comfortable”….pssst that’s rich people talk for WE’RE LOADED!)

Will the G Wagon go electric?

YES! Development is actually underway at the time of this write-up. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the modern landscape of the automotive industry and its predicted future, which is most certainly electric. It would make no business sense to let go of one of Mercedes’ best-selling and long-running models. The announcement of an electric G Wagon came in late 2020 and there is no doubt that it will arrive in the market in the next few years to join other best-selling offroaders that have since gone electric like the Hummer and the Jeep.

How many versions of the modern G Wagon exist?

5 Door SUV

4×4 squared

2 door Cabriolet

3 door SUV

5 door Maybach Landaulet


G Wagon Pickup

Brabus G Wagon 800 Adventure XLP

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