So you got the designer clothes, a fancy big house (hopefully you’re not renting) and a few impressive cars in your name. A Mercedes here and a Land Rover there.

Congratulations on being basic!

Now don’t get me wrong those are truly impressive things to have if indeed ‘things’ are what define you, and there’s no shame in that. To each his own. However, if you’re going to do something, why not go all the way and be the best at it?

With that said there’s only one brand of vehicle any true wealthy person needs to have in their collection, not just because of the prestige it brings but the unique features and experiences you won’t get with any other luxury vehicle like a Bentley or a Maybach even though they come pretty close.

So what’s so special about a Rolls Royce? Here are a few headliners for you Mbingas out there.

Starlight Roof

Speaking of headliners (see what I did there) the Rolls Royce Starlight headliner is a unique option for the Phantom, the brand’s flagship model and the Ghost which is the smaller version. This feature includes between 600 and 1600 hand-placed fibre-optic stars in the leather roofline to mimic the night sky, and in true Rolls Royce fashion, endless customizations can be done to mimic the star pattern of the day you were born or any other day of significance to you.

Rolls Royce Suicide Doors & Starlight Headliner

Endless customizations

Speaking of endless customizations (man I’m killing it with these segues today)

If you are a prospective customer you have the privilege of spec-ing out your car however you like. In fact, it is expected that you do. After all, this is a special car and it not only showcases how rich you are but also your styling taste…so no pressure. For example, on just colour choice alone you have 44000 different colour combinations to choose from and that’s just one of the many things you can customize.

Suicide doors

The name may be a bit off-putting depending on who you ask but that is the name given to car doors that are rear-hinged and open backwards instead of forwards, made famous by Rolls Royce over the decades. These doors are automated of course and are operated by the push of a button or by the help. In those doors is a Royce Royce umbrella too for added convenience when it rains. The housing for the umbrella is ventilated too to ensure that it is always dry when one reaches for it.


Model range

If you’re enticed by all of this and you have bags on bags of cash just staring at you right now, you have the option of 5 Rolls Royce model variants to choose from.

Dawn – Drop top convertible

Wraith – Coupe’

Ghost – Sedan

Phantom- Larger Sedan

Cullinan – SUV

So which one do you buy?

That’s a trick question of course.
If you’re a REAL MBINGA you buy all of them! This is how you separate yourself from the ‘wannabes’.
Sidenote: I’m available for more consultations, for a nominal fee of course.
I’m kidding
Or am I?

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