ZERA has released its February update for conventional fuels and LPG. Those that have converted their cars to run on LPG will see a second consecutive drop in price, albeit a small one. LPG is now restricted to a maximum price of US$2.03, down $0.02 from last month. In Zimbabwe dollar terms, however, the needles swing the opposite way with the price climbing to ZWL$234.15 thanks to a drop in the exchange rate.

Owners of petrol and diesel vehicles have little to celebrate as the costs per litre have increased for commodities regardless of the currency used. The blend ratio for petrol remains at E0, but the price has climbed to a maximum of US$1.44 from last month’s US$1.41. Likewise, the local currency cost has increased from last month’s ZWL$152.87 to ZWL$167.91. Diesel, by comparison, has taken the largest hit rising to US$1.44 and ZWL$168.17 from January’s US$1.38/ZWL$149.55 respectively.