Its a well known fact that when you have a group of car enthusiasts there will come a time when the subject of who is the faster driver comes up. And that’s precisely what led this team to this point. However, the boys settled on Go Karts without dream race cars or the requisite life/medical insurance a trip to Donnybrook would likely cost.

The chosen battleground was Pole Position Karts, situated in Eastlea at the Hellenic Club. Pole position Karts are the Zimbabwean promoters for Rok Cup Global. An international kart series raced in over 40 countries Worldwide. The race would be decided by the fastest lap time to avoid accusations of unfair blocking. But before Brian and Kudzi would start burning any rubber, both sat down with resident track professional Zac Dufty.

Zac Dufty

Zac started racing karts when he was 6. By 2013 at age 9, he was the youngest Zimbabwean to ever race at the World Final level. He managed to repeat this feat the following year. He raced RKT Racing, the largest and most successful Karting team in South Africa since 2012. In 2022 started Zacademy Kart Team. A development team started to assist parents to get their kids started in karting. He manages the whole team from repairs and maintenance, coaching, and transporting everything needed for kids to race. He currently has 7, soon-to-be 8 youngsters in his team and is able to take a complete novice to race pace in only 3 months.

Watch the video below to find out how the boys got on, who got top spot on the podium and who was left licking their wounds. Like and subscribe to the Z Car Culture youtube channel for more car-related reviews and adventures. If you’d like to experience some track thrills, be sure to pay Pole Position Karts a visit.

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