Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has published newly reviewed vehicle licencing fees for 2022 effective 02 September 2022.These were gazetted in Statutory Instrument 156 of 2022, the 25th Ammendement of the Vehicle Licensing and Registration Act. The new fees will be pegged in USD but payable in local currency at the prevailing interbank rate of the day. The fees listed below are for one term of 4 months. Periods of 6, 8 and 12 months are also available at 1.5x, 2x, and 3 times the single-term cost.

ZINARA Vehicle Licencing Fees as of 02 September 2022

NET MASS New Vehicle Licence Fee (USD$)
Up to 1500kg20
1 501kg to 2 250kg25
2 251kg to 3 000kg30
3 00lkg to 3 750kg60
3 751kg to 4250kg75
4 251kg to 5 000kg90
5001kg to 5 750kg100
5 751kg to 6 250kg105
6250kg to 7000kg120
7001kg to 7750kg130
7751kg to 9 250kg140
9251kg to 10 000kg150
10001kg to 10750kg200
10 751kg and above300

Other Related Licensing Fee

The following fees have also been pegged in USD:

DescriptionFee in USD$
First-time vehicle registration80
First-time motorcycle/trailer registration70
Vehicle Change of Ownership with new plates95
Motorcycle/trailer Change of Ownership with new plates85
Change of ownership, retaining old plates (vehicle/motorcycle/trailer)15
Replacement of lost plates85
Duplicate third plate15
Personlised Plates1 200
Garage plates/Licenses50
Temporary ID Card35
Change or Address / Vehicle Particulars, Search Fee, Cancellation of registration or advice of sale3
Authorisation of Change of ownership50
Duplicate Registration book15
Vehicle Licensing booklet50

Revised Tollgate Fees

Zinara also updated its toll fees, which in terms of Section 4 of Statutory Instrument 31 of 2021, which are pegged in foreign currency but payable in ZWL. As such the toll fees in foreign currency have remained unchanged but have been adjusted in the local currency to reflect the latest exchange rate.

Vehicle Class USDZARBWPNew Fee in ZWL
Light Motor Vehicles230201100
Minibuses350401 650
Buses460502 200
Heavy Vehicles580602 750
Haulage Trucks101601205 500
Residential Discount per Term4022 000

January Insurance Review

The Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) had increased the insurance premiums from 25 January 2022 as a reaction to inflationary pressures and exchange rate changes. Third-party insurance has risen by 14% from ZWL$ 7695 to ZWL$9810 per year for private cars.

Compensation limits for third-party insurance also increased from ZWL$171 000 to ZWL$218 000, while the full-cover threshold was expanded from ZWL$855 000 to ZWL$1 090 000 respectively; effective January 2022. Full-cover premiums however are determined by the value of the vehicle.

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