ZERA has just updated the fuel and LPG prices for January. There aren’t many vehicles on Zimbabwe’s roads running on LPG but those that do have something to rejoice. ZERA has stipulated a decrease in the maximum price down to US$2.05 or ZWL$222.32 per kg from the December prices of US$2.14 and ZWL$225.92. If you’d like to know more about driving on LPG or converting your car; read our story here. Diesel remains at US$1.38 but is reduced to ZWL$149.55 from December’s ZWL price of $150.31.

Petrol vehicle owners may have the most to celebrate; if not the US$0.01 to US$1.41 and ZWL$152.87 (down from ZWL$154.56) per litre. The headline for petrol however is that for now, petrol will now be E0 also known as unleaded. Drivers can expect around a 3% increase in fuel economy from the removal of ethanol blending. Although much maligned, ethanol blending does have many benefits as we discussed in a previous article here.

See the ZERA price update tweets below: